5 reasons friends with benefits is a bad idea


Friendships can get complex when you add intimacy to it.

When friends are intimate with each other, it is called friends with benefits – the benefit being sex or other types of sexual acts.

Although, some people love this arrangement and it works out for them, it might blow up in other people’s faces.

Here are some likely consequences of adding sex to an otherwise normal friendship with the opposite sex;

1. It is just weird

Well, this first one has to be said, and it is enough reason to dissuade you from even kissing your friend, especially if you’ve never seen them in that light.

2. In some cases, the friendship becomes about just sex

Except it is a one-time thing, the moment sex becomes frequent, you both will most likely meet up more for that reason.

If you used to see yourselves once a month, the time you spend together will increase, and whenever you meet up, it is will be more sex, less conversation.

3. Someone will catch feelings

The probability of one of you catching feelings is high. Feelings can develop when proximity is there, and one person will like to keep it casual while the other will be looking for a relationship.

4. It gets awkward when one of them starts seeing someone else

Even if it is just a talking stage one person gets into, they probably have to ghost each other and give space.

One person might even get jealous.

5. It is hard to go back to the ways things were

One person’s feelings gets hurt if things don’t end well. Perhaps, even hurtful words will be said, the bottom line is friendship becomes hard and might not recover.

I am sure with all these my plenty English some people will not listen to me and will abandon the heavenly race by engaging in intercourse – with their friends no less -because it lacks commitment.