African Church Grammar School Old Students Set To Hold 7th Annual General Meeting In Grand Style – Adebola Adedoyin


What defines the values and essence of people lies in their culture and tradition. Therefore, celebrating and promoting our unique selves should not be left out. In reality, REUNION is a planned event at which members of a dispersed group meet together again. The past is gone and unchangeable, the future is yet, unpredictable and the present is what we can handle with love, wisdom, faith and happiness.

AFROGRAMS CLUB SET 995 vision is to unite, celebrate and move the club to a greater height. That is why these great minds come together every year to appreciate God and celebrate one another. This year’s HANGOUT/AGM party will hold on 27th December, 2021 at the Afrograms Private School Hall by 11am.


The Club’s first official gathering was in 2009 when some members (2005 set) gathered and organized the first official reunion.
In 2015, the Club organized another official gathering tagged “HANGOUT”. The gathering marked the 10th year celebration of graduating from the school. It was during this Hangout that the first executive members were elected and officially inaugurated.

In 2018, The Club was officially inaugurated into the National Old Students Association under the National Alumni President (Mr Adewale Olutayo) and an official Membership Certificate was issued to the Club.
In 2020, The Club embarked on her first official project to the school which include:
-A lecture on Entrepreneurship and Career Choice
-Distribution of notebooks to JSS3 students of the school
The project was a welcome idea by the school management (African Church Grammar School)and was massively attended by the Club members as well.

In February 2021, a new set of Executives took over the leadership of the club from the the first set of Executives and the club has remained progressive as ever.