Chaotic life of an HR: Caught in 4K (Ep.21)


“Hey, Zainab.”

“I found out a strategy that we could use to find out who I.I. is,” Zainab said, in her most confident tone.

I sunk into my bed to get more details, “tell me now, I’m inquisitive,” I said, Zainab laughed hysterically before she managed to speak again, “girl calm down, don’t give yourself high blood pressure now. You don’t even need it. We will find him.”

The question is how,” I responded but Zainab seemed to be relaxed about the entire situation. While she was trying to respond to my question, she sneezed, and I heard the voice of a man in the background saying, “easy babe, easy.”

“So you’re with your mystery man again tonight? I asked, with a wide smile on my face, “girl you need to show us you keep bagging this men, because I’m not sure you’ve been sleeping in your house too.”

“You know too much Enny, when the time is right, trust me, you will meet him,” she said through a loud yaw, “Let me talk to you tomorrow okay?” “Oh, thats fine,” i said, hanging up.

The following day, I felt a strong urge to get to the office very early as my next door neighbors baby didn’t stop crying all night, and her loud cry disturbed me all night that i couldn’t get a good sleep.

I got dressed on time, and stuffed my make-up bag into my side bag, hoping that i could get some sleep in the office before the beginning of the day. The office gate was opened, but the second security wasn’t at his post.

I asked about him from his colleague and he responded that he didn’t know his whereabout but is sure that he is within the office environment.

Unbothered, I walked slowly into my office with my sleepy eyes until I caught the security arranging flowers on my desk. Could this be Mr I.I? I thought to myself.