Meet Okikiola Ademola CEO Kiki collection A Recipient of #2022BAMAWARDS #OutstandingFashionEntrepreneur Of The Year


Okikiola Ademola was born in Lagos several years ago. She attended her primary, secondary and tertiary education in Lagos.
Okiki started her buying and selling business during her tertiary education as a Computer Science student at Allover Polytechnic, Ota, Ogun State. When she realized the petty business had grown beyond what she could manage without going corporate, she registered Kikicollection Ventures with sales office at 129, Ashipa Road, Green Lake Bus Stop, Ayobo, Lagos.
To the Glory of God, Kikicollection Ventures has grown to a multimillion naira business and still growing. Most of her goods are imported from Turkey, China, Europe, and Dubai (for gold jewelries).
As CEO of Kikicollection, Okiki is also one of the distributors of “Tekanle”, a herbal mixture of roots and honey for sexual enhancement produced in South Africa.