Nestle Pure Life hosts stakeholders on a magical night in Lagos


It was a night of unforgettable goodness.

You just had to be at the Victoria Hall at EbonyLife Place, Victoria Island, on the night of February 28th, 2022, to fully grasp the magic and the relaxing ambience set up by Nestle Pure Life for stakeholders and other members of the public in the hospitality and event planning sector.

Anchored by Uti Nwachukwu, the 2-hour event was chock full of good vibes, camaraderie, amazing music by Aristos Band, good food, cocktails and mocktails by mixologist Lara Rawa, as well as the sparkling goodness of the newest addition to Nestle Nigeria’s list of beloved products.

Nestle Pure Life Sparkling Water Stakeholders’ Forum in Lagos

The brand’s sparkling water was actually introduced in November 2021 to great reception in a Nigerian market that already knows and appreciates Nestle’s pedigree as one of the leaders in the food and beverage category of the economy.

“As a water brand, we are pleased to offer healthy water options for healthier generations,” Gloria Nwabuike, the Marketing Manager for Nestle Pure Life, tells gathered stakeholders.

“Within our portfolio, you will find something for everyone in the family. It is a great new product for us because we want to live through our brand essence,” she adds.

Nestle Pure Life Sparkling Water Stakeholders’ Forum in Lagos

Nestle’s newest fizzy offering, the Nestle Pure Life Sparkling Water, is a local alternative to expensive foreign brands of sparkling water, which are either too scarce to come by, or just always unavailable. With world-renowned products like S.Pellegrino Sparkling Water and Perrier Mineral Water already bringing immense satisfaction under the parent organization, Nestle, in other parts of the world, you can expect to experience nothing but sensorial delight when you take the Pure Life Sparkling Water by Nestle in Nigeria.

Nestle Pure Life Sparkling Water Stakeholders’ Forum in Lagos

And its merits are not just limited to the fact that it is made in Nigeria for Nigerians. The new Nestle Pure Life Sparkling water also stands out for its affordability, sophistication, and premium taste. It has actually been called the “Champagne of Water,” and the future of fine dining.

“This product is made especially for those who want to make the best choices concerning their health. (It has) zero calories, and zero sugar,” Gloria enthuses.

“(You can) enjoy its fizziness without the sugar, especially if you want to (stay off other sugary fizzy drinks) to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also goes so nicely with fine dining, so this sits well with those who have hotels and restaurants because it’s the best choice for them. “

She adds that restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotel owners should feel free to stock up on Nestle Pure Life Sparkling Water and recommend it to their clients who want a bubbly taste of class.