Omah Lay rants on Twitter over potential album delay


Nigerian superstar Omah Lay has taken to Twitter to share his anger over what might be a potential delay of his forthcoming album ‘Boy Alone.’

On Thursday 14th June 2022, Omah Lay in uncharacteristically tweeted “I just wanna share my music with my fans and these reasons make no sense to me. Just put the fucking album out!”

The wording of the tweet suggests there might be a friction between Omah Lay and his record label regarding the release of his debut album. Omah Lay’s album ‘Boy Alone’ is set to be released on July 15th which is just a month away an a potential delay will not only be disappointing for Omah Lay but also for the fans.

Fans who have been counting down to the album will be hoping that Omah Lay’s tweet is nothing but a publicity stunt aimed at building anticipation for the album. At any rate, the fans will have to wait till July 15th to see Omah Lay’s rant will get the label to drop the album.


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