Online reactions to documentary about women finding Christmas cooking tedious


Cooking is still a recurrent topic on Nigerian Twitter.

This yuletide season, Document Women released a documentary about how women feel about the holidays.

The women they spoke to all agreed that cooking is a stressful activity and they would not mind being helped by their husbands.

The favorite part of the holiday is eating good food [Pexels]

Cooking during this period is compulsory for most families who have bought chickens and made different meals all to share with their loved ones.

The documentary was met with mixed reactions.

Some Twitter users said it was a good documentary that showed that women do not enjoy cooking and are going through needless suffering in the kitchen.

Some reactions to the documentary [Twitter]

Some reactions to the documentary [Twitter]

Others said the sample size was too small and that all women do not think that way.

Some focused on traditional gender roles, saying men still have their chores and cooking isn’t part of it.

Some reactions to the documentary [Twitter]

Then when it was suggested that men should help out in the kitchen, feminists cried out that lexicon is important. Using the word ‘help’ suggests one person must cook and the other assists and that is not so.

Traditionally, women bear the brunt of all the cooking chores in the home but cooking during the holidays is special and difficult.

The conclusion is anyone who has made a meal for a large group of people does so painstakingly and relief and assistance is essential.