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According to reports, the French and Juventus midfielder admitted to using witchcraft in a 2nd police interview with French investigators in August.

Paul Pogba admitted to French investigators about indeed using witchcraft in a second police interview in August.

However, the French and Juventus midfielder claims that he never used his ‘juju’ to cast a spell on his French national teammate and PSG superstar Kylian Mbappé but rather, for the sake of a humanitarian organization that helps children in Africa, according to France Info.

Pogba made this revelation to investigators, and also claims to have the evidence to prove it, during another hearing with investigators as he continues to claim to be the victim of an attempted €13m blackmail by his brother Mathias.

Paul Pogba has confirmed that he paid a witch doctor but not because of Kylian Mbappe

Mathias and Paul Pogba are brothers [Getty Images]

Last month, Pogba reported to the police about a plot to blackmail him, labelling his elder brother Mathias and his childhood friends as an organized gang involved in extorting and assaulting him.

The report, which came just a day after Mathias Pogba posted a bizarre video on his social media threatening to bring to light some revelations about the former Manchester United star continues to be the subject of an internal controversy in the Pogba family.

Mathias himself has already denied blackmailing his brother while also warning Paris St Germain superstar Kylian Mbappe on social media about his relationship with Paul whom he seemed to describe as ‘manipulative’ after accusing the Juventus star of casting a spell of the PSG star.

Paul Pogba is currently in the center of a blackmail saga

The Pogba case is currently in the hands of two investigating judges and the Paris prosecutor’s office, which opened a formal judicial investigation on Friday into Pogba’s claims of being the victim of attempted blackmail.

In the second police interview, Paul also reportedly told investigators that he believes that the real blackmailers have dirt on his brother Mathias, which is why Mathias has been partaking in this strange affair.

Paul Pogba and Mathias Pogba are the subjects of a blackmail saga

As per France Info, some details of the transcript of Pogba’s second police interview has come to light.

Mathias wrote Paul a text message upon his arrival at Juventus this summer that read as follows: “You will think of us now that you have received a signing bonus.” as per France Info via GFFN.

Paul Pogba has reportedly changed his phone number twice since the genesis of the blackmail saga, to try to get away from the harassment that he is facing, but his attempts to distance himself from the controversy have reportedly not been entirely successful.