Queen Elizabeth II’s 5 most iconic gowns


The Queen always took fashion seriously.

Whether she was walking the grounds of the palace or going for different galas and dinners, the Queen has never had a fashion day off.

As fashion evolved the Queen style has proved to be ageless and timeless.

As a monarch, the Queen is the epitome of style, class and grace. Over 70 years of being the monarch, she has had many iconic fashion moments, and here are some of them.

The Queen’s wedding gown

Her wedding gown was one of the most beautiful wedding gowns ever made. It was designed by Norman Hartnell.


The gown was inspired by the famed Italian artist Sandro Botticelli’s painting “Primavera.” The word “primavera” means spring in Italian. The painting has a lot of flowers and the goddess Venus who represents love and beauty.

Flowing with the inspiration, her gown had many floral trimmings covered in crystal and beads. The gown is said to have 10,000 seed pearls, all hand-sewn.

The Queen’s coronation gown

The Queen on her coronation [People]


This was also one of the most beautiful gowns ever made. It featured the floral emblems of different countries like the English Tudor rose, Welsh leek, Australian wattle, India lotus flower, Pakistan’s cotton, jute and wheat, Canadian maple leaf, and New Zealand’s silver fern.

Dinner with the Kennedy family


Queen Elizabeth’s Tulle gown [Goodhousekeeping]

The cobalt blue tulle dress was worn to dinner with the former President of the United State J.F Kennedy and his wife. This is one of our favourite looks. She looked quite elegant and feminine.

Colour block

The Queen looked gorgeous in this colored gown [GettyImages]

For the Royal Variety Performance at the Birmingham Hippodrome, in 1999. She looked vibrant and colourful even though she is known for being monochromatic, the queen wore a multicoloured shirt and silk yellow gown.

Tiara and fur

She looked gorgeous in this outfit [GettyImages]

Her Majesty attended the UK Parliament with a white purse while wearing a stunning white gown, a fur stole, and hand gloves. The George IV State Diadem was also worn by the Queen.