Reactions As Dapo Oshin, Lagos Based Boardcaster, Dies of High Blood Pressure


    The popular Lagos based radio broadcaster who was also the traditional head (Baale) of Tomù-Island in Lagos State.

    Dapo Oshin died at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital LASUTH in Ikeja.

    He died Saturday morning.

    Report says the late broadcaster had an upsurge in high blood pressure, a condition he has been dealing with for some time.

    His corpse has been deposited in the morgue.

    Here are some comments gathered by BAM Magazine from Facebook;

    Why lord

    @Abiodun Ayorinde Kokoro Ede: Boss i don’t know what to write about you….do i want to be talking about the way we met or The way you guided me about my career….until 7pm yesterday i heard you where rushed to the hospital after coming out of the stage for an MC of a particular occasion…..but you left your  wife which you called “baby mi” and your children exactly 2:30am this morning…o mase ooooo, “Dare best alabi” left last year….so you left too this year??????????? , you will always be remembered with your lagacy…. seriously you are a perfect gentle man. Rest in peace BOSS.

    @Bolanle Akinriyibi Shoyobo:
    We lost a Vibrant Broadcaster Baálè Dapo Oshin.
    That cool voice every Friday evening on Faajifm 106.5 with Queen Funke Bolarinwa
    So sorry @queen funke Bolarinwa may his gentle soul rest in peace.

    @Koyemimo. God please have mercy???

    @Mc Murphy Wole:
    What a bad,  sad new dapo oshin is gone.

    @Bisola Testimony:  ????????? Dapo Oshin  Baale Dapo Oshin  ???????? my heart bleeds?????????? ore mi Good night  sun re ooooo??? RIP dapo


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