Skales celebrates on new single, ‘Konibaje’


Skales is back with a new single ‘Konibaje’ in which he celebrates life after the painful loss of his mother.

Artist: Skales

Song Title: Konibaje

Genre: Amapiano

Date of Release: November 23rd, 2022

Producer: Jay Pizzle

Song Art:

Skales – ‘Konibaje’

Length: 2 minutes 56 seconds

Features: NONE

Label: OHK Entertainment

Details/Takeaway: Translated from his native Yoruba language to English, ‘Konibaje’ means “it won’t be bad”, and the song follows through on this meaning with its hopeful and resilient theme. Produced by longtime collaborator Jay Pizzle, ‘Konibaje’ is an infectious dance floor filler laced with thumping drums and catchy synth arrangements, as we have come to expect from Skales.

Lyrically, the Nigerian music heavyweight is in a self-confident mood on ‘Konibaje’ as he croons about being resilient and taking care of business in the face of adversity.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Konibaje’, Skales says, “Life is happening, and it’s those things that are happening to me and around me that made me come up with this song. My aim for the song is to give hope and confidence to anyone listening that may be going through it. Also, this song is really special to me, as it is my first release since my mother passed away, and instead of being sad, I am choosing to celebrate life, and strive for more success, just like my mum would want me to”.