Unveiling the Meisters #TheMeisterExpression


#FeatureByJägermeister: A Meister is an individual that is unconventionally spectacular at what they do.

They stand firm in the face of adversity, unlimited to the world around them, unconforming to conventions and undaunting when it comes to being their true self most especially as they physically express just why they are only the best at their craft.

Inspiring the world around you, takes much more than a mere actualization of goals but a constant series of groundbreaking not necessarily popularly acclaimed however famously undisputed wins that resonates with the Meister’s tribe.

You must now be wondering what the Meister Tribe is all about. Well, I am here to tell you that the tribe needs no introduction. They are the makers and shakers of their world, where only their rules apply.

They act, look and express the true culture of a Meister. They walk into a room and effortlessly shake the forces of conventions bringing on the spirit of The Meister Expression; which leaves most stunned and many wondering. However, only Meisters can relate; connecting with an attitude that never goes unnoticed, though unspoken.

In celebration of The Meister’s Expression, this August, 2022, Premium liqueur Jägermeister unveils thirteen Meister Collaborators. Meisters in Art, Music and Fashion. These Meisters include Fireboy DML, Denrele Edun, Olivet Chukwuebuka Odigwe, Adebayo Oke-Lawal, Small Doctor, White Money, Stephanie Weaver, Melanie Weaver, Genevieve Weaver, Babalola Oluwafemi, Olushola Ojoma, Commissioner DJ Wysei and Victor Emenike Ugochukwu.

Nigeria, its time! Let these Meisters inspire you to actual self-realization. Join the Meister Tribe and become the force to be reckoned with; unlimited, undaunting and unconventional.

It all starts with an ice kuhl shot of your favorite premium liquor Jägermeister. Find your Meister Tribe this day and make your mark as the Meister. You are the true secret to the unconventional, time and again!

#BeTheMeister #TheMeistersExpression